tree of na raw chocolates

May 7, 2013

We received a spritely letter from Tree Na the founder of a raw chocolate company who is passionate about the health benefits of chocolate. Check out her page and her insights on the health benefits of yummy chocolate!

I have a sweet raw chocolate business… I make artisan chocolates with all raw and organic ingredients. They don’t have sugar, there’s no dairy, and there are no artificial ingredients. I want to educate people about the amazing health benefits of raw chocolate… because sooo many people love chocolate but who knew how healing it could be? I didn’t… but when I did… it changed my life. I LOVE making chocolate. I get to express myself in the same way I feel when I paint… except it’s food and someone will consume it, it will become a part of them. I pour so much love into what I create. I feel when we take the things we rally love and make sure they are made with quality, they can only be healing and evolutionary. “Desserts” are filled with so many chemicals and unrecognizable ingredients… it’s important to know what you are putting into your body… and I want to make sure that I make the best tasting, most healthy, most healing chocolate I can so that everyone can enjoy… it’s so easy to feel ecstatic about something you know is so good for people… Everything is small right now. I make all of the chocolates by hand, myself. I take the photographs of the chocolates, I make the packaging, I make the facebook posters… and I love it. I really never expected to have this passion sneak up on me.