tatts by tee: british model, daniel specta was afraid of needles. now he’s on his 65th tat and counting [interview]

May 29, 2013

Daniel Specta is a 25 year old model from London, England, who got his first tattoo at 19. His first tattoo, which he admits was a little pointless but necessary, was his DOB and initials on his chest. Terrified of needles Daniel felt like his first tattoo was a right of passage, a sort of coming of age. ” I woke up saying maybe this will help…”, recalls Daniel of that day.

By: Tee Fergus, AFROPUNK Contributor

His fear of needles made him feel as if he was less than a man, it was through facing that fear, getting a tattoo that Daniel overcame his shyness. As it stands Daniel’s tattoo count is 65 and counting! When asked about his most memorable one, Daniel Immediately speaks of his ode to his daughter, her name and a symbol of a baby changing room. He then goes on about “The mask”, in which he describes the as the story of his life. The Mask tells the story of a shy guy whose confidence was shaken but severe acne,it tells a the story of a man who remained a virgin till the age of 18, who finally came of of his shell at 21.

Would you say that tattoos helped you come out of your shell?

Well yeah, I remained a virgin until my 18th birthday and only came out my shell at 21 when my skin was on the rise since 22 i’ve become more confident (not cocky). I haven’t struggled to get girls for the past 4 years, the crazy thing is I know looking back there have been girls that only spoke to me because of my tattoo’s and I cant believe it has such an effect on girls.

Where was the most painful spot?

The most painful spot I feel is either the collar bone or the breast bone I just sat there thinking what have I got myself into, ha.

Are there any places on your body that you wouldnt get tattooed?

I have a very small tattoo above my eyebrow however I wouldnt get anymore there because I believe you shouldnt cover the face you were given.  Ummm, I would stop at the neck.

Whats the most you’ve spent on a tattoo (of what) and the least you’ve spent (of what)?

I really can’t cast my mind back to think of the most expensive one as i’ve had so many sittings but I remember the cheapest one even though I hate to use that word because it’s 1 of my favourites, its a headphone jack and an earphone symbol.

So as a actor/model do you find it hard to get work because of your tattoos? do you get pigoen holed into specific roles? or is it easier?

I’ve found that my appearance gets mixed views I never 

ever thought i’d have so many it just happened because I have a passion for them and love the way they look and the image it gives me I feel like a really stand out especially some of the ones I’ve got I get really different things and even though theres a few that have no meaning alot of them do. Funny thing is its only since I’ve had tattoo’s that Ive appeared on tv.  I do get type casted, because of my image I get picked for bad roles like villians but I like playing these roles so whatever, I get work so its alright with me.

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