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May 15, 2013

With summer coming up, many of us may be looking to freshen up our wardrobes, color our hair, and start fresh with the change of the season. We’ve enlisted the help of Brooklyn-based stylist Kyle Starks. A native of Detroit, now living in Bushwick, Kyle is not afraid to make the outrageous and bold fashion statements to which most people only respond “only you can pull that off”. We, like Kyle, think that is a BS excuse to not express yourself 100% through your fashion choices. Whatever is flattering, whatever you have fun playing around with, and whatever makes you HAPPY! Kyle will be bringing us some REAL TALK on his personal style, vintage finds and clever ideas on how to spruce-up your wardrobe and confidence! Welcome to AFROPUNK, Kyle!

I like you STYLE…. No Tea, No Shade

By: Kyle Starks, AFROPUNK Fashion Contributor

Everyday, before I get dressed I think to myself “ what kind of mood am I in?” I don’t consider anything or anyone else in the world that may or may not care or pay attention. The only thing I think about is what’s going to make me HAPPY today. I don’t even care what the weather’s like or how much time I have to put something together. That can often make me tardy, but as my mood changes, so does my outfit. And that can be 3 times per morning. Hey, I’m a scorpio! I find ways to completely block out peoples opinions because at the end of the day “I don’t give a shit”.  Now, I’m not throwing shade at anyone because honestly, that’s what my sunglasses are for.

On that note, on a day-to-day basis I encounter negative and positive feedback on what I’m wearing. Like I said before, it’s no shade but I honestly don’t pay attention. I know in my head that I’m happy with what I look like and no one’s opinion is going to change that. Occasionally I’ll come across someone that’s throwing ME some SHADE for what I chose to wear on any given day. Maybe they’ll compliment me with “looking good” or “nice kicks” when I’m wearing 5inch creeper wedges. Sometimes it’s a subtle head shake and “HONEY” which is not to be a compliment…I instantly catch all that shade and throw it right damn back.

The latter is usually from some insecure straight guy who can’t believe a gay man can look so much better than them. The first thing I think in my head is a simple “thanks”, which actually means FUCK YOU TOO. But, to them it’s just another gay guy gentrifying the neighborhood. AND AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. My style is an expression of my mood, my playfulness and my confidence. Got a problem? Cross the street. Like me for me? Let’s do lunch!

And for those of you who may be asking “what is shade?”

Kyle is a personal stylist and vintage wear consultant. He currently works at 10ft Single by Stella Dallas in Williamsburg and has styled for Vanity Fair, Elle Magazine, Velvet Mag and more. He has been featured in Popeye Magazine and Humans of New York. Follow Kyle @starkskm on twitter and instagram and catch up with Kyle every other thursday right here on