marijuana deathsquads remixed version of p.o.s. we don’t don’t even live here + event

May 15, 2013

P.O.S. has a crew, it’s Marijuana Deathsquads, who are an indie improv clique of 3 or 4 drummers, programmers and various others contribute to the madness that is Marijuana Deathsquads.

By: Jon Jon Scott, AFROPUNK Contributor

Marijuana Deathsquads are set to deliver the remixed version of P.O.S. We Don’t Don’t Even Live Here, entitled POS WDELH MDS RMX.  The first track “Piano Hits (MDS RMX) features Doomtree’s Sims and firestarter
Lizzo of The Chalice & Absynthe. The complete remix album will be released in June for free via Rhymesayers and Totally Gross National Product. Listen to the teaser track below!

P.O.S. – “Piano Hits (MDS RMX) -mp3

Marijuana Deathsquads
Greg Grease
Glasslands (789 Kent)
Sat. June 8th

Marijuana Deathsquads at Glasslands Gallery

The Original “We Don’t Even Live Here”