labtekwon declares himself “post-skatepunk / ghettoclectic” on his new single. it’s deep, funny, and totally overwhelming. #soundcheck

May 8, 2013

The eclectic, eccentric, and prolific Labtekwon has just released 2 new tracks from his upcoming record Evolutionary: The Omar Akbar Album – State of the Art and you definitely owe it to yourself to check it out. Like his previous jams the vocals are less rhymes or lyrics and more stream of conscious beat poetry. There are no hooks. The lyrics only occasionally rhyme or fit any consistent rhythm. And that’s sort of why it’s glorious.

The first track “Staccato Akbar” is the more pop of the two but it remains filled with Labtekwon’s trademark hyper-deep meta lyrics. Non-sequitors, stray observations, and deep images flow past at breakneck speed. Listening to his music reminds me a bit of the way sci-fi films depict faster than light travel with stars flying past by the thousand; faster than you can perceive any single one. Catching and holding on to one phrase invites multiple listens to find what you missed. Best line: “the difference between anthropology and a layman’s opinion: I am here.”

The second, and the best of the two, “Post-Skatepunk/Ghettoclectic” jumps from the deep “I love my black skin and natty hair” to the mundane “I like cereal” in the rare minute plus intro that actually feels necessary. (for real, if your intro is more than 15 seconds, it better be pure gold.) Over a beat as convoluted yet chill as his vocals, Labtekwon skips back and forth between criticism of the music industry, spiritualism, Egyptian mythology, and the autobiographical. It’s deep, often profound, occasionally funny, strange, beautiful, and overwhelming. And you’re going to want to listen at least 5 times to unravel it.

– Review by Nathan Leigh