sugar & spikes tattoo of the week: mynheer noir

April 23, 2013

Mynheer Noir is a 31-year-old budding photographer based in Inwood, NY. His personal style could easily have him in front of the camera as well. I recently had the opportunity to work with him on a photo shoot and immediately noticed he was heavily tatted. We started chatting about ink and our upbringing. What I found particularly interesting is that being a man of color he was actually raised in a family with artists and musicians that encouraged his alternative choices in art and would compete who could out rockstar each other. It’s refreshing to hear that black and hispanic families are diverse and go against the usual stereotypes. Mynheer went on to explain how a lot of his tattoos he got in the late 90s weren’t the best work. I appreciate his candid honesty when he admitted that at 17 years old, he rushed into some ideas and now working on getting some of that old work covered up. There are tattoos he is proud of and his favorite tattoo is the word REBELUCION on his chest. It is a combination of the word Rebel and Revolution. It’s very suiting and you can see that he definitely upholds that word in his everyday life. His rebellious nature was nurtured from the time he was young and it transcends through his artistic vision, taking his photography to the next level.
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1) Age: 31
2) Location: Inwood, Manhattan, Originally from Poughkeepsie,Ny
3) Occupation: Photographer, Artist, Musician
4) Number of Tattoos: More than I can count! I have a left arm sleeve, right arm covered with stars and a full chest tattoo.
5) Which one is your favorite? Why?
My favorite would have to be the word REBELUCION written on my chest below my deceased brother, Che’s name. It took about five hours. The word Rebelucion is a combination of the words Rebel, and Revolution. It really represents the attitude I have towards the world and my work. I’m a born rebel. I love to take what’s been done and twist it into something new, exciting and beyond anything else iconic.
6) Why should we feature you and your ink? I believe I should be featured because I feel I represent the true values of the Afro Punk in every way. As well as rapidly growing population of urban youth who recognize that through our art, culture and accomplishments, we transcend the notions of who we are as people of color, and who we can become as contributors to the world.
7) Do you have a particular tattoo artist you go to? Most of my line work was done by a friend of mine Damm Nice located in Yonkers and the guys at TUFF CITY in the Bronx did a lot of my shading and blending.
8) Do you regret any tattoos you have? I actually started getting tattoos pretty young around 1998 so I have a couple dated tattoos that I’m not happy with anymore. When you’re that young getting tattoos you make a lot of silly decisions, like tattooing your girlfriends name on your forearm. Yeah, I made that mistake at 17 years old. I’m currently working on a sick Marvel Comic sleeve for my right arm so I’m pretty confident it will cover well. Beyond the name the writing is very 1998 script, I now stick to more classic or timeless styles when considering type fonts and drawing styles.
9) What are some of your hobbies? My hobbies all surround photography at this point. If I’m not shooting a set, I’m editing or watching Youtube videos to learn more about photography. I’m a senior journalism major with a studio art minor at Cuny’s York College so I don’t have much time for anything else. Though I always manage to stay on top of my Marvel comics.

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