stream the new full length from psychedelic indie band pyyramids (ex he say / she say and ok go) #soundcheck

April 15, 2013

Psychedelic pop duo Pyyramids emerged on the scene two years ago with their Human Beings EP. The collaboration between He Say / She Say singer Drea Smith and OK Go bassist Tim Norwind delves into unfamiliar territory for both artists. More aggressive than He Says / She Says while slower and more atmospheric than OK Go, Pyyramid’s debut full length Brightest Darkest Day is the best of both worlds.

The album puts to rest those persistent snipes that the most talented member of OK Go is whoever’s directing their latest video (Well, “A Million Ways” is a totally solid tune, but you have to admit it’s a problem when everyone refers to “Here It Goes Again” as “that treadmill song…”). Norwind’s beats and synths provide the perfect setting for Drea Smith’s haunting croon. It takes a hot second to get going, but when the band comes to life on the fantastic single “Do You Think You’re Enough” they never look back. Synthesized beats and distorted bass collide into post-punk ecstasy while Smith’s voice coils around it like the child of Siouxie Sioux and Billie Holiday.

Brightest Darkest Day is at its best when the band turns up the volume. Highlights “Everyone Says” “Invisible Scream” and the latest single “Paper Doll” catch Norwind and Smith finding the right balance between atmosphere and drive. The record is out now, and if you’re feeling retro, you can pick it up on cassette.

– Words by Nathan Leigh