“it’s time to admit that goth culture has a race problem”

April 23, 2013

Hi guys, we’re just sharing an article about goth people of color and “race politics” in goth culture. It quotes many articles we’ve published, such as ‘GOTH. The Aesthetic and The Subculture: Getting Past the Stupid Shit.’ and ‘Color Me Goth: Acceptance’.
Excerpts: “Most of us in the goth community recognize a general level of acceptance quite a bit beyond mainstream society. Alternative sexual orientations aren’t given a second thought, trans women largely feel at home in our communities. We honor a broad diversity of body types. By and large we’ve made our spaces open to the darkly inclined. However, there is a problem. Black people in particular, have a consistent experience of feeling othered in our communities.”
“From hurtful Youtube comments, to strange glances on the dance floor, we get a sense of unease that can really put a damper on it for us.”
“Goth culture has always appropriated and absorbed other culture. There is no ‘goth’ music, there’s goth versions of a bunch of music. This is one of the things that has kept the scene vibrant. Not only did we let metal into our scene, we incorporated it. Gothic Metalheads look simultaneously Goth and Metal. Same thing goes for Gothic Punks, and Cyber-Goths. We play most of this in our clubs back to back with no problem.
But the attitude about Black Goths often seems “Yeah, please be a part of our community. But please don’t bring any of that ‘black stuff’ with you.”. “
Check out the full article here and let us know what you think in the comments.