the marriage equality fight and why it matters to us

March 27, 2013

By: Lindsey Rand

The fight for marriage equality like all these fights, is simple. Do we, or do we not believe in true equality, freedom and humanity? If we do, it does not necessarily mean we think people should also be able to fuck dogs and buy 200 guns, because it we are unreasonable. But it does mean when we look at others, we see the humanity that we ourselves own. And we see it in those around us and we understand that they deserve the same freedoms we have, and should be treated equally. So no, people should be able to “do anything they please” but equality shouldn’t have to be a request. If two people have the ability to express their love for eachother why should they not be able to consummate that love with a ceremony that our federal government will recognize and not scorn? Let’s move on from basic things.

So today as the Supreme court takes the time to listen to the arguments on people of both sides of the story, remember there is no equality if we are not all equal. And there should be no peace until we all enjoy the justice our democracy is meant to bring.