komla breathes some much needed new life into powerpop/rock. check out their debut ep! #soundcheck

March 6, 2013

UK Powerpop/Rock band Komla have already established themselves as a badass live act. The 3 piece plays the kind of stripped down hook-laden guitar rock that never goes out of style. But they do it with a surprising amount of depth and soul. They’ve just dropped their debut EP, produced by Muse producer Paul Reeve, and it kills.

Opening track “Never Give Up” erupts with an infectious uptempo riff before melting suddenly into strings. While power pop tends to worship at the alter of Phil Spector with strict devotion to the verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus format, Komla’s songs twist and turn. The hooks are there in abundance, and not knowing when they’re going to hit actually rings some new life out of a genre that seemed to run out of new ideas in 1974.

This is a band with some natural chemistry. And while it’s become customary for a band to include an obligatory acoustic track on their EPs, slow jam “Sold Out” was still a welcome surprise. Apparently these guys are already back in the studio so we wont have to wait long to hear from them again. But in the meantime, definitely give the self-titled EP a listen.

– Words by Nathan Leigh