fall in love with the new single “turn” from bay area electronic pop septet the seshen! #soundcheck

March 4, 2013

The Seshen were one of my favorite new discoveries of 2012. The Bay Area septet(!) possess a rare talent for combining giant pop hooks with some seriously abstract and boundary pushing undertones. There’s something magic when a band can make the experimental make total sense. They’re currently working on their new EP and we just got a taste with the first single “Turn.”

The track opens with warped and scratchy guitars and vocals that sound like they’re played on a record that’s spent a little too much time in the sun. (I will forever have an irrational nostalgia for my first turntable I salvaged from the side of the road when I was 13 that played everything just a little bit off.) They then explode into The Seshen’s trademarked cool electronic pop. Aggressive, but still somehow soulful and always danceable. And just in case you got lost a little bit in the groove, they save a mind-bending breakdown for the end. So, that EP’s coming soon, right?

– Words by Nathan Leigh