Sex & Gender

end rape culture

March 12, 2013

In a world where some tend to wonder first if a girl “asked for it” when she gets raped, isn’t it time to shift the conversation and ask what in the world makes someone think it’s OK to rape?
The Nation published an article titled “Ten Things to End Rape Culture”. – L.
“1. Name the real problems: Violent masculinity and victim-blaming. These are the cornerstones of rape culture and they go hand in hand. When an instance of sexual assault makes the news and the first questions the media asks are about the victim’s sobriety, or clothes, or sexuality, we should all be prepared to pivot to ask, instead, what messages the perpetrators received over their lifetime about rape and about “being a man.” (…)
2. Re-examine and re-imagine masculinity: Once we name violent masculinity as a root cause of violence against women, we have to ask: Is masculinity inherently violent? How can you be a man/masculine without being violent? Understand that rape is not a normal or natural masculine urge.”
Read full article here.

Thoughts? Any suggestions?