ask a republican with hiphoprepublican.com’s brandon brice

March 13, 2013
There are somethings you just don’t talk about.. and politics is certainly of life’s little things. But sometimes it’s ok to get all up in someone’s grill and a demand an answer. It’s ok to ask “what’s up with that”. Republican’s can get a bad rep, so we gave political contributor to hiphoprebublican.com an opportunity to speak for himself.


Why Republican?
Why not Republican. Diversity is a wonderful thing and group think of anything can be dangerous, especially when we are talking about public policy. It’s important to have minority America involved in both political parties, especially if we are talking about the free market, we should have political options.

Were you raised Republican?
No, I was raised in a Democratic leaning household that had strong ties to the Auto-Workers Union in Detroit Michigan.

What attracts you to align yourself to a party that does not have a vested interest in marginalized groups and minorities?
I disagree. I believe that they’re interest is much stronger in helping low income families and
minority groups, through helping people help themselves and simply empowering the individual.
As a Urban Conservative, I believe that you can better help someone, when you have already helped yourself. However, as a former Community Organizer and advocate for the poor, my beliefs are that we all have a God given duty to help each other by helping people who actually seek assistance.

Hip Hop Republican.com, is a urban centrist conservative leaning blogsite created in 2004 that seeks to promote conservative approaches to public policy, through education, political, media and foreign policy based articles, which offers a diverse perspective in support of the conservative movement in America. As a blog we push to promote the big tent concept that promote the GOP as an alternative for those who support a moderate to fiscal conservative ideology in a ever-changing society.

The GOP has traditionally supported the rights of all Americans,  supporting the women’s sufferage movement, and being in the forefront of the civil rights under President Eisenhower. I strongly believe as a conserative that the Republican Party is and will continue to evolve, as America is slowly changing in the 21st century. As our nation’s issues and priorities begin to change, so must the GOP in order to adapt to the nation we live in.

You think you can be AFROPUNK and A Republican at the same time?
Hip Hop Republican.com and Afropunk should and can appeal to one another as we are both using the power of social media and pop-culture to inform every American, by offering the American people the choice of what to believe in, the choice of which political party or candidate to support, and to empower the American voter to believe in their own ability and innovation.

What’s up with hiphopreblican.com? 
Our point of view is simple. We strive to educate the voter and offer an alternative option to the American public. It’s the American way, giving people choices to make an informed on public policy that affects them daily.

How do you view the conservative party?
The conservative moment is anti-big government movement, and when saying where against the man, we simply want to help empower the “Everyday Common MAN”, by informing him that its his right as an American to bring more of his hard earned check home rather than giving more to the federal government via taxation.

What do republican’s eat? Are they just like us? lol
For dinner, I will probably grab Thai Food. Love it.

Top Five Hip Hop Albums
A Tribe Called Quest-The Low
Jay-Z – Reasonable Doubt
Kayne West- Watch the Throne
Frank Ocean- Channel Orange

What are you going to after you send this email?
After I send this email, I will probably go back and forth between Hardball with Chris Mathews and the O’Reilly Factor.