valentines day special: afropunk heart throbs: mmmm men

February 14, 2013

It’s Valentine’s day and we’re not sour at all, we’re in love. As long as you don’t over do it with the gifts and chocolates and go broke, there is nothing wrong with a day to say I love you. you should be doing that anyway. And keeping that in mind, whether you’re single, in a relationship or blood brother’d with you bestie, there is nothing wrong with oogling hot people with their shirts off… as long as you don’t over do it 😉 (or do over-do-it, judge-free zone over here)

Here’s a round up of hot guys. I guess we didn’t have to wait until valentine’s day to shamelessly put together this beautiful collection of AFROPUNK men, but here it is. you’re welcome. All together now *_* MmmM

Andre 3000

Look at this cutie. His speaking voice is a velvety baritone yet he manages to hit those panty-dropping high notes like a champ. And what dude do you know, who can pull off wearing a jet pack and fuzzy moon boots and still be sexy? more like HAWT’dre

Donald Glover

Gambino Obsession Alert: A guy who can make you laugh, make you think, challenge you intellectually as well as challenge you in a battle of comic facts WITH ABS. Yea, we’ll take ALL of that.

Dua of Bad Rabbits

Sing to us Dua, baby. He’s just a regular Boston guy with a voice that makes him seem like he has super powers. OH YEA, AND HE’S SMOKING HOT. 

Frank Ocean

Ladies (and some fellas) LOVE them some frank. The Odd Future grammy winner has those eyes that make you say “oh baby!’ (we just oh baby in our head)

Gary Clark Jr.

And we’re not just saying this because he’s sweeping the nation, we say this because the man has some serious chocolate sex appeal. rawr!

Joe Jordan of Joe Jordan Experiment

A FINE FINE specimen of a man and an unearthly talented gawd on guitar, we think good ol’ Joe is on-fire-hot. Just.. just look at the picture *_*

KI of Oxymorrons

Besides being the nicest guy in the world in the dopest group ever, KI’s killer smile, sultry charm and snugglebility make us all gitty. Much love to the whole #GEEKSQUAD and everything, but KI…call us 😉

Lenny Kravitz



Undeniable. like, it’s maxwell.. A woman’s worth? COME ON! He knew what he was doing…and it WORKED!

Pharelle Williams

BESIDES being a genius a scholar and an all around nice ass guy, this guy has model worthy cheek bones and a face near perfection. Ya know, if you’re into that sort of “looking damn fine” thing.

Chaz of Toro y Moi

What isn’t “the cutest thing you’ve seen in your life” about this guy? There is no correct answer to this, so just say awwww and recognize. Chaz baby, you so fine.

Tyler the Creator

He may be a madman, but the boy has some abs. S/O to those abs

Van Hunt

Ah, there he sits. The man of my dreams. A poet, a rock star, a hottie. Van. Come to me.

Go ahead and daydream with this one. We know you understand 😉