militious makeup: green is the color for 2013. that includes hair

February 26, 2013

Militia was just named “Champion Trendsetter” by Manic Panic Punk Rock Beauty products, and we couldn’t agree more. Fashion Week, fashion mags and street-fashion kids alike are all saying GREEN is the color for 2013. And if you gives-no-fuqs about what’s “in” there’s no denying that Militia’s hair is dope. And St. Patty’s day is right around the corner so get on board. Militia shows you how to achieve her custom Emerald/teal color using Manic Panic’s vegan line of color products. So cool, we just DYE!

By: Militia, AFROPUNK Rock Goddess + Beauty Expert

Hey beauty addicts!

The Pantone Color Institute- the world leader in color research and information, has officially named PANTONE 17-5641 EMERALD GREEN the hot hue of the year.  Frankly, I was green with envy when this was announced because I was already donning my ‘do with the color.  (Not to mention,  i was pink BEFORE you saw it in  Vogue and IN Vogue, HEL-LO!!)  SO, big thanks to Manic Panic for giving me major props for being ahead of the curve by naming me a “CHAMPION TRENDSETTER”- sweet, right?  (See that and more on the Manic Panic blog :

Now, keep in mind, this color is not for everyone– you need cojones to pull it off. Think you can rock out with your frog out?  You want  Militious color? Here’s the recipe for my latest secret sauce!


1. Bleach hair with MANIC PANIC Flash Lightening 40 developer.

2. Rinse out when the hair’s natural hair color has lifted to WHITE. (Yes, I said WHITE.)

3. Blow dry hair!

4. Apply Vaseline around your hairline, neck and ears to protect from dye stain.

5. Put on powder free latex gloves to protect hands from dye stain.

6. Mix equal parts MANIC PANIC’S ATOMIC TURQUOISE, GREEN ENVY and ENCHANTED FOREST semi-permanent dyes, 1 container each, into mixing bowl. Stir it up!

7. Paint DRY bleached hair with the color mix until hair is fully saturated.

8. Pile on top of head and put on a shower cap.

9. Check email, grab a snack, do laundry… whatever… LEAVE ON COLOR FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN STAND IT AT LEAST 1-3 HOURS!

10. Blow dry saturated hair through shower cap, this will really make the color long lasting and vibrant.

11. Rinse color out in sink or shower.

12. CLEAN UP THE MESS YOU JUST MADE.  Rubbing alcohol works *wonders* to remove unwanted color stains on your skin, sink or bathtub.

13.  Learn to deal with constant compliments about how rad your hair looks and perhaps start charging people who what to touch it. Cha-CHING!  

and that’s it! In just 13 steps you can look like a bag of money. Be the envy of alligators everywhere. Make your momma proud and at least look like you eat your broccoli.  Kids love Kermit and now they’ll love you too.  Enjoy and stay sick ///// M.