controversial video project “hysterical literature”

February 7, 2013

The Hysterical Literature video project is an ongoing video project celebrating/ displaying female sexuality. So far the project has received over 6 million hits worldwide and is a staple in the twitter/ tumblr blogger-sphere.  AFROPUNK alum Sole is the first black woman to be apart of the project, and has taken quite the powerful stance in her participation. And we think In the sprit of AfroPunk, the videos are edgy, controversial, rebellious, quirky  and sexy!
As you can guess, the project has been met with a ton of controversy. Are the videos porn? Should they be allowed on youtube? ect ect. But Sole thought it was important to be a part of series, as a feminist, video artist, and as  a black woman. You decide. 

Check out Hysterical Literature HERE and more information on the project HERE