year of the afro: afro of the day- 1

January 14, 2013

It’s been a happy New Year so far, but an even happier YEAR OF THE AFRO! Like all January’s, many of you have taken this year as an opportunity to begin anew. Whether that be in mind, body, spirit or HAIR the new year represents a fresh start! We’re on the same journey, and we’re gonna start from the head down. In our history, its revolutionary to wear ones hair naturally– wearing hair how it grows out of ones head, is an act of rebellion. So be it! If the start of the year means a new midset with new goals and a renewed sense of self, let your fro flags fly!

AFROPUNK is launching AFRO-OF-THE-DAY for 2013. As the year moves forward and old habits begin to creep back into your life, remember the power of the FRO. Every day moving forward, we’ll be sharing the proudest afros as a reminder to stick to whatever it is that you believe at the start of this new year. It’s a symbol of strength and revolution to not give up! Have the same passion in April that you have right now, and when the inevitable challenges of the year come around, look for some hairspiration! 
We’re a community and we’re in this year together to shine and make our mark on 2013! We’re getting projects done, meeting goals and doing good by our fellow man. Send us pictures of your amazing do’s to provide inspiration to your fellow AFROPUNKS! ITS YEAR OF THE AFRO, and we’re about it BIG time! Be blessed and blown out!