k-os’ long awaited new album “black on blonde” reminds us why k-os was missed

January 30, 2013

Yesterday was the release of K-OS’s long awaited full length (double) album “Black on Blonde” which was teased-leaked last week with a full commentary. It’s now available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon, and after our first listen we’re reminded why we missed K-OS. 

By: Alexandria Gamlin, Content Editor

The albums fresh and thoughtful lyrics are true to K-OS’s spirit, while the new collabs and poppier tunes bring something new to our ears. Some are calling it “overly creative” and not as cohesive as we remember in previous albums such as Exit or Hymns for Atlantis, but that’s maybe what we love most. K-OS has proved to be an evolving artist, and now Black on Blonde will live amongst his ever changing discography. Bravo. But have a listen for yourself and tell us what you think!   

Watch the Video for “The Dog is Mine” HERE