indiana’s kool’s bazaar talk style & high notes in an afropunk exclusive interview (with live performance video)

January 28, 2013

Sometimes some of the best music ever created has been known as a little secret nestled away for the world to discover. One group that has been sending ripples across the world of music is Kool’s Bazaar. Formed by Richard Trotman in June of 2009, Kool’s Bazaar has been on a mission to continue to push the bar with their music that incorporates fusion with jazz influence, topped with neo-soul, electronica, and acid jazz. They also strive to continue touring and playing for people all over the world. Kool’s Bazaar spoke with Afro-Punk about music, influence, and the future.

By: Brandon Jackson, Music Contributor

AP: Can you talk about how you came together as a group?

KB: The name of the band at first was called Acoustic Red. The style was a lot different when we started out. We were more instrumental and kind of evolved into something different. The first person I met was Joe Elliot who is our drummer but actually was trumpet player when I met him. He then became a drummer and our style just evolved to Kool’s Bazaar. The most important thing for us as a group was to represent the different styles that became our group. Nazeeha Khalid is our vocalist & poet, and Jesse Thompson is our bassist.

AP Can you talk about your style and who your influences are?

Most of our influences come from progressive and fusion type bands. Some of the progressive bands like the Mars Volta and other groups with that similar style. We are firmly rooted in the things that we consider our niche.

JE: Being from Indianapolis, Indiana there is really no one in the city that has a style like our type of sound. We all try to do it all. Punk rock, fusion jazz, and rock. There are time where we’ll do a show with all kinds of styles. Kool’s Bazaar is everything mixed in one.

NK: I think for me being a writer and a poet, I am intentional about doing something different than what’s out now. Sometimes during rehearsal the group will do something that is sped up and we add our own twist to the song that we’re doing. Kool’s Bazaar does whatever! We’re all about doing something different.

AP: What is your biggest goal as a group?

Our biggest goal is to become an international touring band. We don’t have inspirations being signed to a big record label. The biggest thing for us is to travel to Europe, Japan, and other countries. We want the world to know about Kool’s Bazaar. 

What can the world expect from Kool’s Bazaar?

We’re a group that doesn’t stay in the box. The biggest thing that they can expect is that when they see us perform they’re going to get a good show. They’re going to get a good show filled with energy. We want to remain true to our fans as we remain true to the music we create.

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