cape town darkwave singer petite noir gives us a taste of his new sound with “kinshasa waltz”. #soundcheck

January 28, 2013

Cape Town artist Petite Noir’s debut single “Till We Ghosts” made a big impact last summer, and the darkwave (he calls it noirwave) artist is back with a new track. The song “Kinshasa Waltz” (which is not actually a waltz, but we’ll let it slide) is built from the same pieces as “Till We Ghosts.” Stripped down melodies and accompaniment over broken beats. Throw a little reverb on the whole thing. Then add more reverb. It’s hauntingly minimal, and minimally beautiful.

Petite Noir says on twitter that the track “is not a single. It is just a sample. Giving you beautiful tongues a taste.” Hopefully this is a taste of the debut EP that’s been teased? Currently the track can only be heard on the seizure inducing flash website “” Whether LE1F designed the website or not is purely speculation. Definitely check out the song. Just don’t stare too hard into the void.

– Words by Nathan Leigh

Photo by Travys Owen