afropunk exclusive: check out “i love society (oil! oil! oil!)” from ex-das racist kool ad’s new punk rock band party animal. #soundcheck

January 4, 2013

Das Racist may be dead (and eloquently eulogized here by Alexandria Gamlin), but Kool AD (aka Victor Vazquez) is soldiering on with his new project, Party Animal. The band is a major departure from Das Racist’s erudite hip-hop. Blunt force punk rock, Vazquez’ new band has all the subtlety of a fist to the jaw.
Their new track “I Love Society (Oil! Oil! Oil!)” opens with the quintessential hack comedian line “women be shopping…” before launching into an old-school hardcore meltdown. The band has no needs for words not in the song title; alternating shouts of “I love society!” and “oil!” over Vazquez’s surprisingly ferocious drumming. Fans of Das Racist may be confused. Fans of dirty, chaotic, and sarcastic punk rock will find a lot to be excited about. (Everyone else is probably not reading this, are they?)


Party Animal’s debut full length is due out in February. The record promises more of the same hardcore balancing biting wit and brutal aggression that’s been tragically out of style for over 20 years now. When a punk band can rile up the blood and still be fun? That’s when they’ve got something special. Check it out and let us know what you think!

– Words by Nathan Leigh