tattoo of the week: sherrell, “the tatted lady”

December 4, 2012

Sherrell Washington Cruz is a mom and wife who isn’t afraid to embrace her alter ego, “The Tatted Lady”. She wanted her back piece of her alter ego to reflect her love of rock & roll and of course tattoos. She also has a chest piece that represents her love for her family. What I love most about her pieces is that she shows us that a stay at home mom, dedicated to her family can be quite the rockstar! Who says you have to start wearing mom jeans and stop getting ink? If anything being devoted to your family gives you great inspiration for meaningful tats. Sherrell is a true ink lover and runs a blog where she shares photos of ethnic women who are heavily tatted.

By Mika Kenyah
CEO of Sugar & Spikes

-Name: Sherrell Washington Cruz
-Age: 25 years Old
-Occupation: I’m self employed/Stay-At-Home Mom
-How many tattoos do you have? I have 26 tattoos but I think I lost count…(really!) I got my tattoos done in 2 years. They were mostly add ons and me finishing up the ones I have already.
-Which one is your favorite? All my tattoos have meaning. The one on my chest represents my family, my mom, my dad and my husband side of the family. My right sleeve represents my son, husband n me. My half sleeve is my Japanese arm (I love the artwork). The two on my back are my alter egos. The one on my right leg represents my childhood. My ring finger are two crosses which represents my new last name(Cruz). The two tattoos on my feet represents my marriages(the sun n the moon on my right foot represents me n my husband and the sun n the moon separated by the Grim Reaper represents “Til death do us part”.
– How old were you when you first got your tattoo? I got my first tattoo at 17 years old and my second one at 18 years old.
-Why should we feature your tattoo? I feel my tattoos should be featured on Afro-Punk because my tattoos are unique. It’s all my creation and imagination. I’m also a good look…lol..and I have way more tattoos to come! 🙂
-Do you have a particular tattoo artist you go to? I have one tattoo artist I go to name Will. He owns Dead Zone Tattoos in Spanish Harlem on 112th street and 1st Avenue… facebook name is Will DeadZone….
-Do you regret any tattoos you have? I regret my first tattoo which was my name on my upper right arm, which is now covered up.
-You planning on any new ink? I love to get inked and I’m getting more ink in the future.

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