soundgarden takes manhattan, part 2

December 17, 2012
It’s another ROCK GODDESS RECAP with our favorite metal maven, Militia! Check out part 2 of her adventures with Soundgarden! EPIC. TIMES.
By: Militia.
Soundgarden’s return to the spotlight is triumphant- their first studio album in 16 years, several back to back shows in The Big Apple, a mini tour of intimate performances with a major tour to follow, tv shows, magazine covers, billboards and more… and the black carpet has been rolled out for the grunge gods.
Their Irving Plaza show was a highly coveted ticket. It was 1 out of 3 intimate American tour dates, as well as the CD release party for their latest full length, King Animal.  I had copped a slot on the list and was beyond stoked for the sludgy assault.  As the crowd steadily grew in the venue, I couldn’t help but notice what most people had in common… bald spots.  Dammit, it pains me to see generation X age.  I always looked up to them.  On one hand I was too young in the 90s to see Soundgarden in their “prime”  however, that night I was one of the few fans that had hair to spare. (It’s a trade off, I guess I’ll take it.)  Also, I could sense the overwhelming smell of plasticky industry peeps who had flexed their yuppie muscles to gain entry into the show just because they could. Too bad really, their spots could have been given to actual fans.
Anyway, the excitement was brewing, and with no opening band, Soundgarden had the audience in the palm of their hand when their first note of distorted bliss finally hit like a ton of bricks.  The crowd erupted… fully loaded with sing alongs, circle pits and crowd surfing, the general admission animals showed their SG brothers lots of love.  This show gave a good sampling of the Soundgarden catalog, a summary of past through to present, brilliantly showcasing their evolution and showing off what makes them masters of the art of musical contradictions- loud and blistering to soft and bluesy, just the way their fans like it.  They thundered through excerpts from King Animal, B sides and best knowns- Jesus Christ Pose, Spoonman, My Wave, Blow Up the Outside World, Outshined, Slaves and Bulldozers and an unnaturally long awaited encore of Rusty Cage- that most people had already left the venue and missed.  One song that was very noticeably absent from the set was, perhaps their biggest hit, Black Hole Sun.  Not sure what kind of statement that’s supposed to make but I guess it goes with the attitude.  Grungers traditionally seek and then shun mainstream successes.  (Nice to have the luxury.)
After the show I went up to VIP in hopes of meeting them and giving praise.  I gave a smile and a quick hi to Kim Thayil (guitar) who looked at me blankly and then disappeared in the dressing room that the rest of the guys didn’t come out of. Waiting around sucked and after being mistaken for a groupie several times, security closed up shop and we were ushered out of there.  Their post show VIP was lamer than the Depeche Mode pizza party I went to at Jones Beach, (yes I said Depeche Mode pizza party) but that’s another story for another time.  Went home and downloaded a digital version SG’s Flower EP- the only SG album missing from my collection.  Ya see?  I still love them regardless.
NOVEMBER 13, 2012
Incessant Mace 
Jesus Christ Pose 
By Crooked Steps 
Room a Thousand Years Wide 
Been Away Too Long 
Worse Dreams 
My Wave 
Ugly Truth 
Fell on Black Days 
Hunted Down 
Drawing Flies 
Non-State Actor 
Black Saturday 
Blow Up the Outside World 
Eyelid’s Mouth 
Blood on the Valley Floor 
Slaves & Bulldozers 
Rusty Cage
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