show review: public enemy hits indianapolis with hiphopgods tour

December 7, 2012

No one could have prepared the city of Indianapolis for what took place on December 4, 2012. One the most influential hip hop groups of all time just happened to roll into town on a stop for their 14 city HipHopgods tour. Base!!! How Low Can You Go! You guessed it- Public Enemy! With a career that has spanned over 25 years, produced 85 tours, and a recent nomination for the 2013 Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, there seems to be no stopping for Public Enemy any time soon.

Public Enemy has always been a major supporter of keeping real hop music alive. Chuck D talked about his reasoning for organizing the tour at a press conference while in Indianapolis. “Our career in hip hop music expands over 25 years. I always felt like it was my military for the simple fact that I wanted to be of service to my friends and peers,” said Chuck D. There were over 30 people on the tour that consisted of performers, DJs, band members and artists with likes of Schoolly D. X Clan, Leaders of the New School, Son of Bazerk, Wise Intelligent (of Poor Righteous Teachers) and Awesome Dre and Davy DMX . Chuck D, who put together the line-up, made sure that there was room for the ladies to be heard. Monie Love, who is best known for being one of the major pioneer female rap artists in the industry and one of the original members of the Native Tounges, talked about her thoughts on the role of the female artist of today. “It’s time for the female artist to be heard. We do more than just rap, we own companies, write, and direct,” said the London, England born rap artist. Hip Hop music today looks nothing like it did 25 years ago. Today you find more focus on material possessions and lack of originality than lyrical skill and content with true meaning. The Hiphopgods tour was created to do one thing. To reach the masses and to let them know that real hip hop is here to stay and is just as relevant now as it was 25 years ago. Make sure you check out the next show coming to a city near you.
– Words & Photos by Brandon Q. Jackson*

Tour Dates:
– December 7 ​Lincoln, NE​
Bourbon Theatre
– December 8 ​Denver, CO​
Ogden Theater
– December 9​ Jackson Hole, WY​
Pink Garter Theatre
– December 10​ Aspen, CO​
Belly Up
– December 12 ​San Diego, CA​
4th and Broadway
– December 13 ​Los Angeles, CA​

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