powerviolence from ca! malicious dismemberment make tiny explosions of rage. #soundcheck

December 7, 2012

You gotta love it when a hardcore band’s entire discography can fit on a single side of a 7” record. On their 4 short songs, CA powerviolence band Malicious Dismemberment (is there any other kind of dismemberment?) pack at least 2 sides worth of fury. Though they’ve only been around since 2011, the trio is tight. Anchored by Kirjah’s rampaging drums, their songs are tiny explosions of rage. Mija’s vocals kick you square in the teeth while Ralph’s minimal riffs saw through bone as bluntly as possible. This is not music meant to be played at a reasonable volume while your roommates are trying to sleep (Trust me. They were not pleased.)

Kicking off with the enduring rallying cry of disaffected punks throughout history, “So What!” Malicious Dismemberment’s lyrics are nihilistic to the core. Rotting corpses and decay abound. There’s barely even room under the floorboards for any more. But there’s something perversely hopeful in lyrics like “Grab hold of the idea that time does not exist / Everything I’ve wished for exists somewhere else” from “Out There.”
The band’s music is available for free download in the music player above. Hopefully they’ll record 7 or 8 more in the near future and put out a 7”.

– Words by Nathan Leigh