george clinton and morris day live saturday december, 8th– tickets and info

December 3, 2012

There are nights we find ourselves living that are legendary, before they have happned. Nights that already exist in the future– The future tales of EPICNESS that you’ll be able to share with your children and grandchildren. The future times when you’ll get to say “I was there!”. You future has been written, and you can fulfill your epic destiny this saturday when George Clinton and Morris Day (of Clinton’s successful off-shoot, The Time) take over Prudential Hall in Newark, NJ. 10 years from now your tales of the show this coming weekend will bring down the house and you’ll reminisce on that fateful night in Jersey. You life has already been changed, and it’s only Monday. George Clinton has a way with these totally far-out futuristic tales…but that’s why we love him.


George Clinton & Morris Day of the Time

Prudential Hall in Newark, NJ



A one-of-a-kind night dedicated to all things funk! For more than four decades, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee George Clinton has been one of the foremost innovators on the funk music front. For this concert, Clinton arrives with Parliament-Funkadelic, his classic funk, soul and rock collective. Sharing the evening as special guest is Morris Day and his best-selling group, The Time. In their work with Prince (in particular on his Purple Rain) and on their own best-selling recordings (including Jungle Love and What Time Is It?), Day and company have pioneered a cool, street-wise approach to funk music that’s imminently danceable and undeniably sexy.