december 21st 2012: end of the world or beginning of a new era of consciousness?

December 5, 2012

Oneness. Creativity. The Shift. Consciousness Awakening. The End of the World? What is going on with all this talk lately, as December 21st approaches. To those of you who may not know or have been hibernating in your own world of business, the spiritual communities and Pagan, Wiccan and Goddess religions along with the Mayans (yes their offspring do exists) are preparing for a cosmic alignment of our planetary system on December 21st, which is also know to us in the Pagan/Wiccan/Goddess community as Winter Solstice. According to AcTah, one of the Mayans leaders, the Mayans predict an end of old traditional thinking and new way of thinking will emerge on December twenty-first not the end of the world as popular media want us to believe.

By Ketina Thompson

What exactly was the old thinking? We have been living in the dark ages under patriarchal rule for thousands of years and more so with the last hundred years. It is especially true for us Westerns where we are constantly told how to live. For those of us on Afropunk, we have rebelled against such harsh and senile regime in our own country. We know and we knew that those views were not working and still are not working. Views such as bigger house, faster card, quick marriage, any job, more money, the over sexualization of women, media subliminal messages (which has been proven), fast food, prepackage food, anti-eco-friendliness, cold and calculating-watch-your-back attitude, “Me” syndrome,” lack of compassion, and lack of intra and interrelationships with others and self. I could go on and on, however, these are things also rooted in “ego.”

People do not understand they create mental blockages. They cannot manifest things if they’re mentally blocked; they cannot create things if their emotions or feelings are planted in ego’s soil. Ego as Dr. Wayne Dyer calls it is Edge God Out or I call it “Edge Goddess Out.” This feeling is the dissatisfaction with life. It is because there is an inner struggle between what your “ego” wants and your” higher” self wants. This has a lot to do with the fact that society and family sees how you should be rather than how you are supposed to be. You can overcome this struggle by listening to your higher self. So if you aren’t there yet, take this as an opportunity to awaken your higher self. This is not a snap of the finger sensation, it may take weeks or months for you to arrive at such awareness. This depends on how much your karmic egocentrism is connected to the mundane world.
December 21st is more than “Oneness” as the enlightenment community sees it as. It’s more than a conscious awakening; it’s a super conscious connection with the universe. It is the Great Goddess returning back to her planet through form of cosmic energy. It is the Goddess Consciousness resurfacing. The Goddess Consciousness, as I call it, is the right side of the cosmos (universe’s mind that has remained closed due to suppression). Its energy beam will be streaming down upon us. The awakening is unlocking the creativity within us; it’s an opening doorway of understanding of oneself and higher self as well as understanding others through awareness. It’s to activate the change within so there can be an outward change.
So I will ask all of you to participate in deep mediation, silent prayer or sit quietly for eight minutes noon if you in Central Standard Zone and adjust if you’re elsewhere. This event according to Mayan Descendant Ac Tah will begin high noon for eight minutes on that day and the alignment will last through high noon on Dec. 23rd. However, he and his team are working to activate this cosmic energy field to make it last three months so in that time social conscious groups can be formed.
What are your plans for this super conscious awakening? Will you be prepare to write down ideas and creativity that will come to you? What kind of changes will you make in your life?
(for more information about the Mayan Calendar and the Mayans please go to www.actah2012.com for more details)