black fashion by javii: bow-tie round-up

December 18, 2012

Bow-ties come in different shapes, sizes and styles and lately they’ve had every remake in the book. From building blocks, to Obama’s face, bow-ties have been there and done that. So why not celebrate bow-ties for everything they are and everything they will be with a short and sweet Bow-tie Round-Up. Here’s our Bow-tie Round-Up: 10 of the most awesome innovative Bow-ties of today.

Uncommon Goods Wooden Bowtie

Distinguished Cravat “Vintage Exclusives” Collection

MACKDADDY “Make that Move” Bowties

Modern Day Mogul Bowties

Alpha Bow-ties


Frapbois x Champion “Bowtie” Hoodie

Red Wire Bow-tie

Laurent desgrange NYC Subway Bowtie

Emergency Bowtie