female rappers from morocco to gaza: hip-hip as a forum for political female voices

November 27, 2012

In the wake of the continuing political, religious and cultural clashes and war in Gaza, Huffington Post takes a look at the female rappers of Gaza and Morocco and reveals the truly fascinating perspective of female MCs in the region. check it out via Huffington Post

Rapper Shadia Mansour (Photo credit: Ridwan Adhami)


“Hip hop has allowed some Arab women to tell their side of the story. Although both male and female MCs address their social and political circumstances, certain themes are more prominent among female MCs: a new sense of identity and opposition to punitive social policies and under-representation of women in the labor market. “I can talk about it because I can feel it,” Moroccan MC Soultana said. “Women understand each other. We have a whole generation that is confident and ready to go on stage and rap about these issues.” Some MCs touch upon the role elder women can have in perpetuating outdated views on women in the workforce. One example is a supportive husband who has to lie to his own mother about his working wife’s whereabouts. The non-apologetic lyrics transcend borders and resonate throughout the region.”


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Afghanistan’s first female rapper Sosan Firooz sings in a studio in Kabul, Afghanistan Oct. 3, 2012. (Photo credit: AP/Ahmad Jamshid) MORE on Firooz HERE

What’s your take on the Women of The Gaza Strip. Is hip-hop an unlikely outlet or the purpose of hip-hop as a forum?