sugar & spikes top 13 horror movie tattoos

October 10, 2012

For some people watching their favorite horror movie over and over again is just not enough. Hardcore horror fanatics crave to display their true dedication by getting their favorite terrorizer etched on to their skin forever. The devotion is in the detail…with thriller fans finding talented artists who can capture the essence of the most spine tingling scenes. I will admit I am not sure if I could handle having the evil Hannibal Lector glaring back up at me from my arm, for the rest of my life. As a lover of all things scary, I still find the art of it all wickedly beautiful. The combo of a true fan’s imagination and an inked expert is what makes these tribute tattoos so killer. Here is my pick for the Top 13 Horror Movie Tattoos! These evil tats are sure to have you checking under your bed and sleeping with the light on.

Words by Mika Kenyah
CEO of Sugar & Spikes

13. The blood is so vibrant in this tattoo, making this piece feel like a fresh kill
Jason from Friday the 13th – Nikko, CA
12. He is the reason for your insomnia but you couldn’t help but to watch him in 7 more films
Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street – Black Water Tattoo, WI
11. This artist recreated that prickly coldness this monster is best known for
Pinhead from Hellraiser – Lee Woods, England

10. Holding hands now feels suddenly threatening with this tat
Michael Meyers from Halloween – Ruger Tattoos, CA

9. Admit it.  This clown ruined it for the rest of them… 
Pennywise from IT – Adam Tyler, Sleeve Weasel Tattoos, IA

8. Sometimes the most frightening scenes is when you start to imagine yourself in the victim’s chair
Amanda from SAW – Jim O’Rourke, OH

7.  The only doll to tie me down to my own toy chest in my childhood nightmares 

Chucky – Nikko, CA

6. Something telling me we are not welcomed inside
Fright Night – Dan Henk, PA

5. Nothing is scarier than Jack Nicholson’s crazed face on your skin
 The Shining – Pastor, Deep Six Labs, PA

4.  Gives you that old school horror feel
Tales From The Crypt – Tattoos by KIKU, NYC 

3. Almost feel like he isn’t giving us much of a choice…you check in but never check out
Norman Bates from PSYCHO – Dan Henk, PA

2. I’m sure this cannibal doesn’t mind being on your flesh
Hannibal Lector from Silence of the Lambs – Tattoo by Catlaine, TX

1. The undecided horror fan.  Why have one monster, when you can have em’ all? Can you spot the Candyman reference in this piece?
Horror Movie Medley – Artist: Douglas Billian, TX