#soundcheck pegasus warning is the new dopeness. check out the single “nothing2show”

October 19, 2012

It’s easy to undervalue awesomeness in music (also known as dopeness, but not to be confused with hotness, which has more to do with how famous someone is about to become). It’s easy to tally up all the ingredients of what makes a band worth paying attention to: clever lyrics, athletic guitarist, trigger happy drummer, interesting sound etc… But somehow just sheer awesomeness—that barely perceptible and completely non-objective quality that makes your jaw drop a little, your brain be confused why no-one’s ever done this before and your lips form the word “daaamn,” without vocalizing it. But Pegasus Warning is awesome. They are dope. They are…just… (daaaamn).

They have yet to even put out an EP, but already have been playing out with acts like Twin Shadow and Spoek Mathambo. Like a post-punk / electroclash Grace Jones, Pegasus Warning mastermind Guillermo E. Brown dominates the mic with a soulful yawp. Raw and energetic, Brown contorts and manipulates his voice into a frenzy on the new “Nothing2Show.” The track is backed by an ADD-riddled beat that leaps between 8-bit synths, raw noise, and xylophone. Rarely has the sound of feeling totally overwhelmed been made to sound kind of fun. And that is awesome.
His live show is already the stuff of legend, so be sure to check out Pegasus Warning when they hit Brooklyn Bowl in NYC on October 23rd. You can also download their previous single “Olive Island” for free below!

– Words by Nathan Leigh