#soundcheck – download the killer new danko jones single “just a beautiful day” + video

October 5, 2012

Canadian hard rock trio Danko Jones have earned a name over 6 records forging punk rock, power-pop, garage, and a little Motörhead-style metal into a fierce and uncompromising sound. Their latest album is Rock and Roll is Black and Blue, a lean set of adrenaline-fueled anthems.

Known for his album length pick-up lines, Danko Jones doesn’t disapoint on tracks like “Legs” and “Type of Girl.” And so what if the double entendres play more like one and a half entendres? Danko Jones is not a band known for their subtlety. This is the sort of unironic fists-in-the-air rockandroll that thrives in large clubs and stadiums. The only questions it needs to answer: are the guitars big? Are the drums bigger? And are the hooks gi-fuckin-normous? Fortunately for Danko Jones, on Rock and Roll is Black and Blue the answer to those questions is yes, yes, and oh hell yes. Rock and Roll is Black and Blue is available in the EU and Canada, but wont be available in the US until October 9th. In the meantime, you can pre-order the record from their website and download lead single “Just A Beautiful Day” for free below.

– Words by Nathan Leigh