halloween costume guide: look cool, don’t look like a tool

October 25, 2012

We’re sick of costumes that look ridiculous. it’s 6 days before Halloween and chances are half of you guys have been planning since summer, but the other half of you still have NO IDEA what you’re going to be are going to end up being something terrible. like writing “book” on your face and just saying that you’re “facebook”. Come on, guys.. we can do better. And we’re here to help. Here’s a round-up of the internet’s best to get your creative juices flowing. LOOK COOL, NOT LIKE A FOOL!


why not dress up as a zombie Red Lobster server? scary!

or maybe you could dress up as aerobic instructors!

Grab some friends and be the characters from a classic choose your own adventure book!

You can go as a leather glove!

Impress friends by dressing up as 2 chainz!

You can go as a shrunken MegaMan!

You could be consumerism embodied!

You could be the cast of KIDS!

Toy soldier? or a guy who got slimed on a classic Nickelodeon show!

You can be twins from the 80s who got a sneaker deal!

Gerald and Arnold from Hey Arnold! AWESOME

Be a hungover person who got marshmallow fluff in their hair!


Be broadway dancers in the Lion King with your mom!

Be that one piece banksy put up in 07

Baby Prince. Classic

be a drunk uncle and 2 poodles!


be your mom and dad back in the day!