black fashion by javii: are you ready for halloween?

October 23, 2012

Halloween is just a couple of days away, got your costume figured out yet? If not that’s okay too. Why worry about ordering one online or getting in line at Ricky’s when you can just make one right at home? Get inspired by these 10 quick and easy Halloween outfits. Last year Msvintagevirgin herself dressed up as the deadliest Minnie mouse there ever was. All any Minnie mouse costume ever needs is a red and polka-dot bow and a tail. Bows are easy to make and you can find a cheap tail at any costume store near you.

In 2011 Solange was inspired by Angela Davis for Halloween. In a black turtle neck dress, black leather jacket, faux Afro and a black cap, that’s not only the perfect Halloween outfit but the perfect everyday look.

Last year I saw about 20 Rosie the Riveter costumes but flowersundefiled was hands down my favorite (from the torso up.) Everything from hair to make-up was on point.

Got food coloring and a old dress you don’t want anymore? Leona Lewis went as a bloody prom queen but you can be bigger, even better . Just add fang and you’ll be a bloody prom queen Vampire.

This was my favorite Halloween outfit last year because MISFITS was my favorite sci-Fi show on the tube at the time. Pumpkinmeloncholy choose character Alisha Bailey with her curly locks, green eyes and of course the horrid orange jumpsuit. Pure genius, if you ask me.

Be your favorite throwback Hip-Hop act by pulling out those Adidas gear and gold rope chains. Last year Russell Simmons and Andre Harrell went as Run DMC.

While most people usually go for the scary or the sexiest Halloween looks, Mayamayi gave us bible study sexy. I never thought about being Eve for Halloween but I’d definitely take a bite out of that apple.

It’s Robin and Wonderwoman. Who said the childhood innocence of Halloween was all gone?

Last year Kanye proved that you don’t have to go over the top to pull off Michael Jackson for Halloween. No leather gloves needed just a curly wig and a leather-man jacket.

If you aren’t all that into dressing up, find that old bear t-shit (because we all have one), add a nose and head out the door.

In true Day of the dead fashion here’s a shot from mexicanfoodporn titled Niña Mexicana lml MÉXICO WEY & TACOS.