tattoo of the week: luna love

September 2, 2012

Luna Love is an aspiring model from Canada and a full time mother. Her favorite piece is a work in progress but you can already start to see the magic form. She aims to be fully tatted one day and with 17 tattoos she is well on her way. One thing is for sure, she is one of the coolest moms up North, eh? To submit your tattoos for Tattoo Of The Week, send pictures + answers to the questionnaire below to

By Mika Kenyah / Sugar & Spikes
– Name? Sandra Louis Aka Luna Love
-Age? 22
-City? Vancouver Canada
-Occupation? Mother
-How many tattoos do you have? 17
-Which one is your favorite? My new full neck piece.
-When and where did you get it? I started it about a month ago and still working on it. I got it done at Don’t Look Down Tattoo in Kelowna .B.C.
-What does it mean to you? It has alot of meaning but it mainly means, “Love has a life and a death…in between there is always the light so you can see “.
-How old were you when you got your first tattoo? I was 16 yrs old.
-Why should we feature your tattoo? I put my art on my body not only for myself but for others to see and love.
-Do you have a particular tattoo artist you go to? If yes, where is he/she located? Website? No, I’d love to get it done by many artists… everyone has there own twist on what I like so it’s nice to keep it different.
-Do you regret any tattoos you have? Never will.