michelle obama speech!

September 6, 2012

By: Alexandria Gamlin

There are few hard FACTS about Michelle Obama: She’s ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT, GORGEOUS, AND A GREAT DANCER. She’s also married to this guy named Barack (perhaps you’ve heard of him) and he’s kind of amazing too.

Mrs. Obama HELD HER MAN DOWN this past week at the Democratic National Convention (looking absolutely fabulous in Tracy Reese, by the way). She spoke of how the two met, how they were raised, their values as people and parents and their firey dedication to keep doing the hard work for hard working Americans. She called herself a mother first and foremost and spoke about how everything the first family has done (and will continue to do *wink*) is for the kids! What’s the point if the next generation is up a political, environmental and economic creek 20 years from now because the West Wing didn’t care to “care” that much. The Obamas aren’t having it.


“We want to give ALL of our children a foundation for their dreams & an opportunity worthy of their promise”


Michelle was passionate, powerful and confident in her spirit! At times she seemed so full of passion she looked as if she was about to cry it out. Full disclosure, I cried a little bit and chanted along “four more years” at my youtube screen. Political opinions aside, there is no denying Mrs. Obama stood up for her MAN, her country and her beliefs! So who’s on the “Michelle Obama for Queen First Lady of Earth” petition because earth needs more Michelle’s. WE <3 OUR FIRST LADY!

Grab a hanky and WATCH the full speech below

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