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the peculiar kind x afropunkfest 2012: spank rock

August 9, 2012


The Artchitects – We couldn’t have been more excited when we saw Spank Rock (a.k.a. Naeem Juman) listed as a performer on the Afro-Punk Festival line-up for 2012!  We have been fans of Spank Rock for years! Alexis, while she was in college, and I Mursi, discovered him while I searched for new music to add to my DJ sets.

We both fell hard for his single,  “Put That Pussy On Me” when it was released in 2005.  As a matter of fact, I may have to bring it back and drop this at my next gig. We have a thing for “cunty” music with a Hip-hop/Club/Electronic vibe and Spank Rock definitely brings it! His music will make people twerk, pop and everything in-between even if you don’t know how to. Ha!

Spank Rock, once a duo with producer Alex Epton, is now a solo artist. His most recent album, “Everything is Boring and Everyone is a Fucking Liar, was released in September 2011, on his label, Bad Blood Records. He has collaborated with some of our favorite artists to include Santigold, Big Freedia and more. 


Here is what Spank Rock had to say about the old and new during his interview with

“I was having a hard time knowing where to start off because everyone was coming in with a big heavy dance beat and asking me to rap about pussy and drugs, and I love rapping about pussy and drugs, but there was so much more in the first record that people missed out on.

This second album is less lewd – but much more frustrated.”

We look forward to him hitting the stage at the Afro-Punk Festival 2012.