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the peculiar kind x afropunk fest 2012 – ninjasonik

August 24, 2012

Seeing Ninjasonik on the line-up for this year’s Afropunk Festival took me back to when I first heard of them in 2009. It was a time when the Brooklyn underground music scene was growing, innovating new sounds and aesthetics, and very much DIY.
They burst on the scene with a sound that was an infectious mix of pop, hip-hop, and punk and brought a sense of fun and rebellion to their music. It is awesome that Telli (Vocalist/MC), Jah-Jah (Vocalist/MC), and Roofeeo (Producer) are not only still around, but are still being true to their message of, “not selling yourself short” and “doing what you feel whenever you want, ” even as their star rises.
Check out their remix of “93 Till Infinity” below and a mashup Mursi Layne cooked up in 2010 of their song, “Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant.”
Can’t wait to see them kill the stage!