#soundcheck x ap fest ’12 – get down and dirty to diy electro quartet body language’s new single “falling out”

August 10, 2012

Body Language’s not-so-secret weapon is the dueling lead vocals of Angela Bass and Matt Young. Though boy-girl vocals are kind of the thing these days in the indie pop world (see also: Gotye, Of Monsters and Men, and the XX), it’s rare to see them just sound this sexy. Twee, playful, useful from a storytelling perspective, sure, but sexy? This is why we love Body Language.

Riding an electrofunk riff, Angela and Matt finish each others lines on “Falling Out,” overlapping in smooth harmony. The whole thing is sung in falsetto and draped in reverb, adding a certain sauve-ness to the vocals against the more driving backdrop. Despite the fact that this is a song about a break-up, the song itself sounds more like a pick-up line. Even the lyrics don’t break their mellow exterior. There are no proclamations of apocalyptic heart-break here; it’s just a falling out.
“Falling Out” is from their 2011 EP Social Studies. The band also put out a few remixes of the track last year which are totally worth checking out.
Word is they’re working on a new record at the moment, so make sure you catch their set at Afropunk Fest 2012 for new songs. Visit for the full line-up.

– Words by Nathan Leigh