#soundcheck – sibling bands are all the rage at afropunk fest 2012. catch the skins & the oxymorrons at apfest

August 24, 2012

We’ve been repping the Skins for a while here, and hopefully by now you know why. This badass quintet of teenagers (siblings Bayli, Reef, and Kaya Mckeithan and not-siblings Daisy Spencer and Russell C) has recorded 2 EPs in the past year and hitting the road and playing shows whenever they have some downtime between school. (When I was 17 the best I got was playing Golden Eye whenever I had some downtime between school…)

Their latest EP is the two track Wreckroom featuring the tracks “Killer” and “Surf.” Both songs are a burst of big guitars and big vocals. It’s tempting to say they’re great for their age, but the Skins are great for any age.
On the other side of the Queens River, sibling duo The Oxymorrons have been dropping a steady stream of mixtapes and EPs of their Geek Life hip-hop. (That’s Oxymorrons with two Rs. Not to be confused with the one R band from DC or the other one R band from Maine. Band names are hard. Maybe it’s time to go back to the Noun+Number system from the early 2000s?) Their latest mixtape, STFU and Listen came out earlier this year and contains some of the smartest lyrics of recent memory. “I’ll be your lucky charm / you could be my marshmallow” from album highlight “Padded Sky” is pretty much impossible not to love.

Both groups kicked ass at the Battle of the Bands earlier this month and will be playing Afropunk Fest this weekend. APFest is where it’s at!

– Words by Nathan Leigh