Sex & Gender

‘i am’ project tackles identity in the queer community

August 14, 2012

Be proud of who you are! More voices from the LGBT/queer community: Identity is a big component of who we are, how we define ourselves. Some of us stick to a label, others refuse to be put in a category, some want to create their own category! Self-decribed “filmmaker/vagabond/queer enthusiast” Niq Lewis from Brooklyn tells us about her new project: “The ‘i am ______’ Project, which is a series of interviews asking queer New Yorkers to come out & identify themselves (or not) according to sexuality or gender. So far I’ve interviewed, drag queens, lesbians, gays, allies, transgender men and women and the list goes on. Not only are they coming out, but they have amazing stories to share as well. I have scheduled interviews set up with queer individuals, couples and organizations and I also attend events around the city, where I conduct guerrilla style interviews.
Identity is so important but what’s even more important is how we choose or choose NOT to identify. This project could make the difference for that teenager, hiding in their closet because of bullying and lack of support. Little do they know, there could be someone just like them living next door.”
Let’s check out the video presentation and let us know what you think. Are you proud of who you are? – Lou C-D

* If interested in being interviewed for The ‘i am ______’ Project email Niq at