tattoo of the week: makeup & hair artist amber jasmin morrow

July 30, 2012

Amber Jasmin Morrow is a Makeup and Hair Artist based out of New York City and Los Angeles. She has had the pleasure of freelancing for such brands as Maybelline Cosmetics, and touring North America with shows such as Monty Python’s Spamalot, The Color Purple, and soon joining the cast and crew of Rock of Ages. When Amber isnt living out of a tour bus and traveling for work, she enjoys spending her summers in the sweltering heat that is NYC, eating awesome food, traveling out of the states, and of course getting more ink. To submit your tattoos for Tattoo Of The Week, send pictures + answers to the questionnaire below to

– Name: Amber Jasmin Morrow

-Age? 24

-City? New York City & Los Angeles. But lives on the road… no… really!

-Occupation? Traveling Makeup and Hair Artist for tours

-How many tattoos do you have? 10

-Which one is your favorite? Thats tough. its a toss up between my world map, my matching hair pins, or the Brahms music piece.

-When and where did you get it? I got the world map just after my most recent birthday in march at Delarosa Art Co in Studio City. My hairpins I got back in my hometown of Chicago during my first tour at Bridgeport Tattoo Company. And the sheet music of Brahms was done by a friend of mine in Chicago as well.

-What does it mean to you? I love to travel, and I’m so lucky that I get to do that for a living. It’s a constant reminder of just how blessed I am, and it also easily settles drunken demographic arguments with friends! The hair pins just really hit home with what I do. Its a tool of my trade. The Brahms sheet music is an homage to my mother, who always pushed me to follow my heart and my dreams. She is an amazing pianist who had dreams of working with the worlds greatest symphonies, but wasnt allowed to leave the state of
Indiana. So this is one of the songs that she would always play for me and my siblings when we were growing up.

-How old were you when you got your first tattoo? Really? Haha I had JUST turned 18. Needless to say my very conservative pastor of a mother was none too please. Though, I did notice a little smile when she saw the tattoo that i got for her.

-Why should we feature your tattoo? It’s rare to find black women with a lot of artistic and well done tattoos. (That’s actually how I first found out about your website, so I would be SO hyped to be featured!)

-Do you have a particular tattoo artist you go to? If yes, where is he/she located? Website? Unfortunately, I don’t! My life is so transient, that I usually go to a city, meet awesome people, and ask for recommendations as to where to go. My goal is to get a tattoo from every amazing city I get to travel to. So far I have 4 cities down!

-Have you ever received a tattoo under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Nope. I actually enjoy the feeling of getting tattooed… it’s my version of meditation.

-Do you regret any tattoos you have? Of course not! All of my tattoos meant something to me at the time that I got them, so they are constant reminders of that time in my life and how I grew to be the person that I am now.