#soundcheck: le1f gets down with pikachu in his hot new video for ‘wut.’

July 20, 2012

Self-proclaimed gayngsta rapper LE1F continues his ongoing quest for world domination with his new video for ‘Wut.’ The single from his brain-melting mixtape Dark York is all sex appeal and come-ons, and the video delivers no less. It’s an inversion of hip-hop video cliches crossed with a 4-Chan aesthetic. The whole video is an animated gif waiting to happen. If there were an award for best use of a plastic Pikachu mask in a music video, this would win. Hands down. Also: respect for performing in front of a Penrose triangle. Is LE1F suggesting something with that impossible shape or is it just another geek-culture reference? Am I reading too much into it? All three? Either way, this shit is hot.
– Nathan Leigh