black witch – “trolololo-she rachet”. is wicca just for white folks?

July 25, 2012

So, there’s been something recent occurring in the online Pagan community. There was a rehash on Pagan.about.com about minority Pagan bloggers and of course, some commenter named Silvia felt mighty brave in her Whiteness and cried tears about how Wicca should be left to the White folks. Everyone, please witness this demonstration of why saying “Post-Racial America” is a long way off:

This is a very dusappointing article. Other races have their own pagan traditions. Wicca should be reserved for whites. White people have almost no place where they can come together and experience collective pride for their culture and ancestors. Wicca was one of rare exceptions. Now, thanks to Patti, we don’t have even this. I don’t see any point to be Wiccan then.

Firstly, if you’re gonna be racist, please learn to spell. I mean, if you’re going to be heavy on the whole “White race is superior” lean, at least learn how to spell the King’s English. What, are you scared of spell check or dictionaries? I mean, at least back then, racists had used science and literature to justify their bullsh*ttery, the very least you could do is try. C’mon, don’t make baby Hitler cry. That’s my job.

So, in Black culture, Silvia is being what we define as “rachet”. Extremely wretched, honestly. Poor thing must have cried oceans when McCain lost and if we scan the internet enough, probably did a “Leave Santorum Alone!” when people were dropping heat on him because he nearly called President Obama a not-so-presidential word. Let’s pick apart her comment, folks!

“Other races have their own Pagan traditions. Wicca should be reserved for Whites”: Ah, ha, ‘dis heffa not only can’t spell but doesn’t know history either. Wow. Well, literacy does usually lead to knowledge and she did prove she lacked literacy so I guess looking for intelligence should have been a farther pitch. Y’see, thanks to the draw of Orientalism from the era that Gerald Gardener was in, all that is put into Wicca. That means you have some Egyptian in Wicca (Africa) and you have Eastern philosophy of various sorts such as Hindu and Buddhism (Asia) implemented. I mean, Wicca was established in 1957, how much originality do you think it’s going to have? Shucks, even the idea “An’ it harm none” stems from the “Golden Rule” which is in Christian beliefs, a faith that came from the Middle East. Wicca is a conglomeration of various occult paths, including non-Western paths. Then you have the fact that Wicca is pretty broad due to the fact that it is a religion with a take on polytheism where you can use any pantheon since the face of the God and Goddess is not particular. If anything, the different goddesses and gods are considered the varied faces of the God and Goddess, which is a bisected split of the Great Spirit (Doesn’t that sound so Native American?) of the universe.

White people have almost no place where they can come together and experience collective pride for their culture and ancestors. Wicca was one of rare exceptions.”: Wow, I think she’s crying White tears*right here. All that whine, so vintage. It’s certainly old, like Monroe Doctrine old. Is this lady serious? She lives in the Western world, where White privilege is rampant. She can turn on the tv and see herself, read a magazine and hear people who shares her opinions, Newt Gingrich can rant and be an angry White guy and everyone calls it “vigor”, she can see movies that star White people – even if the movie is supposed to star minorities. You’d be hard press to find any advertisement that is supposed to be for a general audience but lacks White people. White history and culture is pretty much Western culture and vice versa. Our holidays mainly revolve around White people, history likes to Whitewash until White people look like the victors or the victimized. There iscollective pride for White culture and ancestors – waaaaaaaaaay too much of it because that collective pride sure like to be the only one getting the limelight, to the point it will block everyone else’s. Even Wicca has it, just look at the Wheel of the Year’s holidays.

Now, thanks to Patti, we don’t have even this. I don’t see any point to be Wiccan then.:Byyyyyyyyyyye, heifer. Now if only we could remove your point to exist. Orrrrrr maybe you just got into Wicca because you thought the Grand Wizard of the KKK and a regular wizard were the same thing and you’re just a tad confused. ‘Ey, if I had low watt smarts, those robes would baffle me too. Here’s a basic hint to tell them apart: look for eye holes in the hood, that’s the Klan. That would be yourcoven, so bounce.

Now, let it be known that I’m not in the “let’s be kind to racists” group. Nope, they got that way possibly due to not enough pushback. I am not going to sit here and let some two-bit chick tell me that I need to leave a faith I’ve practiced for over ten years because she’s crying White tears over me being there. If she don’t like it, she can cast a time traveling spell and get lost.

Paganism is a very diverse belief system and so is Wicca. The face of Wicca (and Paganism) is Whiter than a snowstorm but that’s why blogs like mine exist. I still remember some simple chick named Dion getting mad I said that, I think during an interview I had with Daughters of Eve. She was complaining that I shouldn’t have said the face of Paganism matches the color of mayo. Lol, it sure isn’t the color of a rainbow, she may need to take off her shades made of privilege before she tries to throw any shade next time. Then there’s the one time a reader posted my column “The Invisibility Cloak” on her blog and some White Pagan with a name that sounded like a bootleg Harry Pottername, Lucius-something, came along and said “Yes racism exist but could you not say racism exists in Paganism?” Everyone, this is what logic-bending looks like.

Listen, Paganism and Wicca can be for anybody, any culture and any pantheon so please give up on the “Won’t anyone please think of the White people?”because no one cares. And thank you Ms. Patti for being so nice to tell Silvia what she needs to hear.

*White Tears: Basically means that a White person is feeling unnecessary anguish over the fact that their privilege is crumbling away and they can’t be as racist as they like. Example of White Tears: Any Republican presidential runner from this current election and supporters of George Zimmerman.

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