black fashion by javii: my how you’ve changed…

July 10, 2012

The best thing about personal style is that it’s yours, it belongs to you. If you don’t like it, change it, switch it up, make it something you’d be proud of. This week I felt like switching things up a bit as well. In an effort to see how the styles of some of my favorite BlackFashion followers has changed by comparing a photo of them then to the now. Marcus Branch never fails to impress us with his amazing style. He switched it up from bracelets and recently added cuffs which makes that much more of a statement.

Like a beautiful butterfly Nenna’s (19) style continues to change and wows everyone around her. From Afros to braids and everything in between Nenna is the definition of a game changer when it comes to style.

From the DMV to NYC Jay (19) style has changed to a more casual NYC look that either way the girls won’t stop loving. Throughout his changes he’s kept his signature braids as well as his signature bracelets.