#soundcheck – ninjasonik + unstoppable death machines go old school punk on ‘lucy is the boss’

June 8, 2012

Alternative hip-hop duo Ninjasonik has joined forces with art-punk duo The Unstoppable Death Machines for the brutal new track ‘Lucy Is The Boss.’ The duo of hyphenated duos has been performing together recently and definitely has some serious chemistry. Ninjasonik has always brought a punk energy to their music and embraced DIY ethos, but with ‘Lucy Is The Boss’ they finally take the plunge head-first into old school punk rock.
The song has a definite 80’s hardcore flavor; the front and center distorted bassline is shades of Flipper, and Jah-Jah’s vocals channel his inner SOA era Henry Rollins. Telli’s “Doing what we want to / Whenever we want to” mantra is the message of this track, and that spirit of fuck-it-this-is-what-we’re-doing rebellion goes a long way to making this collaboration so explosive. Like a punk-rock Voltron, Ninjasonik and Unstoppable Death Machines make perfect use of each other’s talents; combining to make something truly dangerous.

The song is intended for a compilation that will be available next month. Whether Ninjasonik will be doing more with Unstoppable Death Machines remains to be seen. But I definitely wont complain about a full album of this.

– Contributor: Nathan Leigh

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