#soundcheck – darqmatter (free download) industrial hip-hop for the end of the world

June 27, 2012

Afropunk members DarqMatter‘s latest LP is all about the many textures of rage. From the mutated metal of opening track ‘ElektroMagnetik’ to the waves of industrial ambiance on ‘Shipped Across Seas,’ Motionfix and LUNZ have yet to find a sound that didn’t need more reverb and distortion.
They’ve largely ditched the jungle-beats from their first full length in favor of more straight-up industrial with a touch of dubstep bass. The result is a record that doesn’t quite have the kitchensink+distortion inventiveness of fellow post-apocalyptic schizophrenic prophets in Death Grips, but is more often satisfied to sit in a grand canyon groove and milk it for every drop of reverb or until your eardrums have been beaten to a pulp. Whichever happens first. Those ears will grow back probably anyway.

Free Download & Stream:

A punishing burst of noise, DarqScience really hits on tracks like the biting ‘Propoganda’ where Motionfix earns his self-declared “militant hip-hop” crown; linking GMOs to ghettoization. Forget Johnny Rotten sneering “I am an anarchist” for shock value. Motionfix actually drops a primer on 21st century Anarchism. But would you expect less from a group who features “know your rights” videos as often as they post their own songs? Definitely check it out.

– Words by Nathan Leigh