tattoo of the week: roxy the iconoclast

March 21, 2012

AP member Roxy Stardust hails from Las Vegas and is a self-described revolutionary in the making. She got the word “Iconoclast” tattooed on her collar bone/shoulder area to reflect this anti-establishment stance. She rocks 6 tattoos, some of them very large pieces. Check them out, and if you’d like to be our Tattoo Of The Week feature, answer the questions below and email us at least 3 pictures of you and your tattoo(s) at

Tattoo Of The Week
Featured: Roxy Stardust

Name: roxy collins

Age: 30

Location: vegas

Occupation: hair stylist/poet/dancer/wanna be philosopher/revolutionary in training

Number of tattoos: 6

Favorite tattoo: probably my back piece just for the sheer size and detail

When and where was the last tattoo: my collar bone/shoulderish area… Got it back in august… Says “iconoclast”

What does it mean to u?: the general definition is “A person who attacks cherished beliefs or institutions.” And while I don’t physically attack the establishment… I am against it… So I guess, for me, the word “iconoclast” is synonymous with “anti-establismentist” If that’s even a word lol

How old were you when got your first tattoo: 25

Biggest misconception about you: I’m sure the same as everyone else… Dunno if people customize their misconceptions to fit who they’re looking at… Pot head, bad girl, masochist, crazy, sell out… Having 17 piercings and stretched ears probably doesn’t help lol… Anyway people will have misconceptions about me even if I didn’t have tattoos so what does it even matter?

Why should we feature your tattoos? I dunno… Mmmm… Because I like thai food

Is there a particular tattoo artist you love?
I really love Noelin Wheeler @ inkfx in vegas, but my nxt piece will be by James Spooner

Do u regret any tattoos? I regret the quality of a couple lol… but no, I don’t regret any actual tattoos

Are u a tattoo addict? Duh