diy fashion: make your own chained collar

March 16, 2012

Since I can be very forgetful, my Tumblr page is the perfect way to keep track all of the many DIY inspiration pics I come across. When I found this pictureon Tumblr, I knew I had to recreate it!

Tutorial By Candy Fraser

charms (with flat backs)
2 feet of thin chains
2 earring posts
2 earring backs

I got all of my supplies from Toho Shoji in the Fashion District, but they, also, have a website.  You can, also, find most of these items on other similar websites or from your local bead and craft store.

1. Glue your charms to the earring posts and let dry completely.  Make sure you are using glue that will adhere to metal.

2.  Using your pliers, break off two sections of chains – one that is 7 inches long and the other that is 9 inches long.

3.  Slip both chains onto the hook on the back of each charm post.  Glue the chains to the post.  Let dry completely.

And voila!

I hope you guys make this!  It would, also, be really easy to do this with some stud earrings that you already have and simply glue the chains to the back.

Happy DIYing!

Candy Fraser’s DIY fashion blog: