occupy the hood: reflecting all of the 99% – getting people of color involved

October 20, 2011

Occupy Wall St. has gotten quite a bit of steam since the last Afro-punk coverage of the ever-expanding protests but I know some of you have remarked that it has one flaw that I’ve noticed too: It looks rather White. The very people out there who should be saying something, the Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, etc., etc., are sparse. This is why Occupy The Hood exists, to carve out not simply a space but an entryway for us to feel comfortable to speak our voices in the Occupy Wall St protests. I’ve had the opportunity to interview one of the creators of Occupy The Hood, Malik.

Contributor: Olivia Haynes


It bears repeating that no matter what any minority feels about the Occupy Wall St. protests, we can’t afford to keep our mouth shut this time. It doesn’t matter about people’s personal political ideologies, Occupy Wall St. isn’t about that. It’s about people who are “sick and tired of being sick and tired” and we all know how that feels as minorities living in the hood or anywhere else. Whether you disagree with the name Occupy The Hood or not does not matter, the aim is still the same: get more of the actual 99% to speak up. For those who complained that they won’t march because it’s too White, it’s not our problem and other excuses, here you go, a spot for you and yours. Don’t like how things are running? Say something. If you’re worried of jarring the White people out of their illusion of a world that is post racial, go right for it, speak up for yourself and be heard. It’s going to be hard and yes, you’re going to want to hit them sometimes but at least it’s better than the silence and disempowerment they’re used to getting. There’s no better time than now to showcase that the 99% isn’t White, it’s everyone and everyone needs to be heard. You’re not fighting for White people, you’re fighting for yourself and your proper place in America. You’re only fighting for the Whites when you let them dominate the mic, so be heard and occupy something.

Wanna help out Occupy The Hood? They need people from graffiti artists to medics to plain ol’ occupiers joining on, here’s how you get in touch:

Call: (646) 580-4186 (official number)
Twitter: @OccupyTheHood
Facebook: OccupyTheHood
Email: OccupyTheHood@gmail.com

There’s also Occupy The Hood’s for various cities: